bandy words

References in classic literature ?
The mother had gradually arisen to that degree of fame that she could bandy words with her acquaintances among the police- justices.
However, I made no reply; I would not bandy words with a raven.
'Let us cut this matter short, and not bandy words here with hare-brained profligates.
"I shall not bandy words with you," observed the foreign-bred Mr.
But I won't bandy words with you," she pursued, and I well remember the old-fashioned, artificial sound she gave to the speech.
It was useless to bandy words with one who gave such clear evidence of being something out of the common run of word-bandiers.
We cannot bandy words with Nature, or deal with her as we deal with persons.
Colonel Van Gilbert remained silent, a sullen, superior expression on his face, such as will appear on the face of a man who will not bandy words with a ruffian.
As to his remark about his deserts, it was also not unnatural if you consider that he stood beside the dead body of his father, and that there is no doubt that he had that very day so far forgotten his filial duty as to bandy words with him, and even, according to the little girl whose evidence is so important, to raise his hand as if to strike him.
But at the same time, for some people this holy month serves as a season to bandy words, utter vehement invectives, and exchange blows with others.
If others wish to bandy words publicly that's up to them.
Unfortunately for those who bandy words about imprecisely, the fact is that while all antiselection involves nondisclosure, not all nondisclosure equates to antiselection.