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He took part in the Champions of Champions, which is the banger racing world's best of the best, and a Civil War event which pits the north against the south.
Geordie Bangers came to be after Mr McDonald found himself in need of some cash, and his father suggested selling sausages at Newcastle's Quayside market.
Rupert Poitin, of Glass's, said: "We believe this is because large numbers of buyers are selling their bangers and signing up to low-cost new and used car PCP deals to get behind the wheel of a newer model.
39 for 6, The Co-operative Tester says: Good big bangers.
39 for 6, The Co-operative y Tester says: Good big bangers.
Leamington-born Banger knows all about"ghting against the odds, he was pitted against super-heavyweight Big Daddy more than 300 times.
Local butchers and other food retailers are invited to supply bangers and provide cooked samples of their produce to participants.
Banger car drivers accelerated their cars over a ramp in an attempt to fly over a line of ten old wrecked cars and land safely on the opposite side.
POP legend Noddy Holder has announced that a Tyneside butcher is selling the region's best bangers.
He reportedly spends up to 700 pounds per year on bangers and has even bought a deep chest freezer to store the vast quantities of his favourite McWhinneys Irish pork sausages.
To coincide with the rebrand, two new banger variants are being introduced to the range; Suffolk Ale & Herb and English Sage & Onion.