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Its door being hinged forward, he had to fight the gale for admittance, and when at last he managed to enter, it was with an instantaneous clatter and a bang, as though he had been fired through the wood.
He brought down his fist with a triumphant bang, wetted his finger, and went on counting the bills.
Bang, bang, bang, bang, went his rifle, and thud, thud, thud, thud, went the niggers to the deck.
A black body would pop out of the companion, bang would go Saxtorph's rifle, and down would go the black body.
As knocking was of no use, Pinocchio, in despair, began to kick and bang against the door, as if he wanted to break it.
she finished, going out and closing the door with a bang, "Oh
He tugged hard at his beard, and went and shut himself up in the library with a bang of the door that had a world of meaning in it.
Once hair is dry, gather your bangs or the front section of hair and twist it back.
After many years in which we had a single model--[the Big Bang combined with] inflation--for the universe's beginning, we now have an alternative," comments theorist Mario Livio of the Space Telescope Science Institute, one of the organizers of the April meeting on this topic.
For example, if you are cooling a room with bang bang control and the fans are operating 50% of the time, you are using 50% of the maximum fan motor power consumption to cool the room.
Remember, hair dries shorter than it appears to be wet so keep the bangs longer.