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Banish was created after his mother saw the results in his acne products and the potential of his future skincare endeavors.
He said: When we sought for your votes in 2006/2007, we promised to banish poverty and hunger.
38% would banish homosexuals from Bulgaria, and 20% would have no Roma, Africans, Asians and other minorities.
Banish thoughts of freezing temps by serving ice cream, doing pedicures to show off sandaled feet, decorating with stacks of beach towels and watching tropical flicks like Blue Crush.
Yes, it would be wonderful if some spectacular act of God or nature would banish AIDS from our existence.
What ensues is a frenzied witch hunt where stereotypes are the calling cards of the villains and where well-coiffed metrosexuals try to act as Keystone vice cops trying to seduce each other in an attempt to out and banish fellow challengers.
This is not only a misnomer, but an attempt to banish the word "Mass" from our language.
Our feature story explores the history of the super-sharp medium and provides an in-depth assessment of the Japanese government's plan to banish all analog broadcasts by 2011.
The panels' colors (medium green, lilac, blue, light blue, yellow, and orange) quote Otl Alcher's color scheme for the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, a palette meant to radiate calm and help banish the dark shadows of the previous staging of the games in Germany, in 1936 in Berlin.
He said the government would continue to encourage investors especially on agriculture to banish poverty and hunger, saying the target of his administration is to position Osun as the highest producer of cassava in Nigeria.
BANISH boredom this half term with an action packed family holiday to Camping Fabulous, Rome, with camping specialist, Canvas Holidays.
But if the evidence that the News of the World is supposed to have is proven correct and is admissible in a court of law, I would banish them from cricket.