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'Even though India may be the favourites, banish all fear of losing.
"All fears of losing should be banished from the mind as the mind can only process one thought at a time."
Banish thoughts of freezing temps by serving ice cream, doing pedicures to show off sandaled feet, decorating with stacks of beach towels and watching tropical flicks like Blue Crush.
I have arrived at the conclusion that it has been banished from our Catholic vocabulary with a dreadful finality.
And to those on the far right who continuously cry that the secular world is trying to banish religion from the public view or is trying to deny them the right to practice their beliefs, I would like to know how many places of worship were closed down in the past six weeks.
“I honestly didn't think much of Banish when I created it, I thought all eye creams did that, it literally took me about 15 minutes to produce the recipe,” Zamo mentioned in his interview with us.
He said the government would continue to encourage investors especially on agriculture to banish poverty and hunger, saying the target of his administration is to position Osun as the highest producer of cassava in Nigeria.
BANISH boredom this half term with an action packed family holiday to Camping Fabulous, Rome, with camping specialist, Canvas Holidays.
Today while the nation has banished dictatorship and struck off the dictators name from the Constitution it has yet to banish the dictators pernicious legacy of militancy, extremism and religious bigotry, he said adding, "This calls for joining hands by all".
"But if the evidence that the News of the World is supposed to have is proven correct and is admissible in a court of law, I would banish them from cricket.
Which country did Anne Robinson controversially banish into Room 101?
As investigative author James Bovard documents in his valuable book The Bush Betrayal, during presidential visits outside Washington it has become standard procedure for the Secret Service, working with local police, to banish peaceful protesters from any location where Mr.