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Elizabeth's crime was that she punched a woman who turned out to be a duchess - had it been a lady or gentleman from the working class Elizabeth may not have been convicted at all - most certainly not sent to the gallows or banished.
The initial part of Banished is easy as compared to the latter parts.
Bet365 - will Warnock be banished to the stands in a Premiership match next
At the Palais de Tokyo, he developed a sprawling and saturated universe from which all hierarchy had been banished.
Cliched images of women pounding, blacksmiths forging and healers healing are banished," writes Calame-Griaule.
I have arrived at the conclusion that it has been banished from our Catholic vocabulary with a dreadful finality.
The London sewers banished cholera, the Panama Canal shortened a brutal sea passage, and the Hoover Dam brought power to a vast portion of the United States.
They have set up 10 rules which include the usual design-for-the-site, honesty of materials, no unnecessary ornament, style banished and so on.
The past must be confronted and impunity, banished.
While the crooks were out celebrating, Landis banished all the gamblers from baseball forever, including "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, the Pete Rose of his era.
Maybe all the easy targets have already been hit, but for some reason, Lake Superior State University's annual compilation of banished words is less than wholly convincing.