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The State of Alaska has elected to maintain a hands-off approach to banishment thus far--somewhat understandably given the competing community and individual interests.
or deterrence: banishment does indeed take something of value from
Yet there's no evidence that banishment has any deterrent value.
A councillor will bring forward the BCR for banishment. The person facing the charge has the right to respond, then council votes.
"Euthanasia and banishment aren't on the table here," said Ms.
Nepalese woman dies after banishment to shed during menstruation.
Mixed in with those financial travails, the former president of both Little Rock companies agreed to banishment from the insurance business.
It's most likely a mate so he can have a good moan about his "banishment".
Surely some suitable punishment could be worked out such as banishment to England, France or maybe even some cold place like Massachusetts or maybe even NY City as an aide to Mayor Bloomberg.
Following her June 26 banishment from all archdiocesan ministries by Archbishop Raymond Burke, the situation of Sister of Charity Louise Lears remained in the news.
Common its banishment, its pain A knife in the belly, the Tower of
Louis, learns about his family's banishment from Pierce City in a roundabout way--through someone who, upon learning his family is from Pierce City, tells him how "sorry" she is.