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Oertwich's banishment followed accusations that he had attempted to import alcohol into Togiak, a dry community, to resell it.
Although the effects of banishment on an individual are potentially severe, they must be considered within the broader context of rural drug and alcohol issues in Alaska.
(24) Faced with these drug and alcohol issues and insufficient access to law enforcement, it is not surprising that some communities have turned to banishment as a response.
The State of Alaska has elected to maintain a hands-off approach to banishment thus far--somewhat understandably given the competing community and individual interests.
Before discussing whether Alaska Native tribes have the power to banish non-Natives from rural Alaskan villages, this Section will discuss tribal sovereignty, how federal and state governments regulate Alaska Native tribes, the structure and authority of tribal courts, and the basics of banishment.
(83) Banishment is a traditional form of punishment indigenous communities, including Alaska Native tribes, use to prevent an undesirable person from remaining in a specific village or other tribal area.
banishments? Of the small group of about 30,000 very serious criminals
In essence, Germany imposes stage-of-life banishments only on
stage-of-life banishments, but only for exceptional cases of very
banishments for a much wider variety of crimes than does European law.
stage-of-life banishments and other forms of social exclusion are not
subject to stage-of-life banishments. (133) The great divergence is not