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In New Zealand, rather than LIBOR, the key short-term interest rate benchmark rates are the bank bill rates calculated at the time of the BKBM Trading Window (between 10:20-10:22 am).
This can be seen when considering the interbank bank bill trades outside the BKBM rate set as a percentage of total interbank trades.
RBS is also required to undertake certain remedial measures with respect to its trading in Reference Bank Bills.
Schwab Bank Bill Pay also allows users to view, pay and file e-bills, view auto and recurring payments and view payment status.
The removal of the Term Auction Facility (TAF) where banks have been able to borrow funds for 3, 6 and 12 months using eligible collateral (such as Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS), registered bank bills, NZ Government securities etc).
Unlike the more mature bank bill or Forward Rate Agreement (ERA) markets, there are no formal price-making arrangements in the 015 market.
Market sources suggest that turnover in the OIS market is between only five and ten percent of the turnover in the more established ERA and bank bill futures market.
Ongoing analysis within the Bank suggests that the "term premium function" associated with New Zealand bank bill rates is roughly a "wedge shape" that increases with maturity.
If the put option is exercised, the put option provider will become the class A1 investor and receive monthly coupon of interest based on the one-month bank bill rate plus 0.
Reuters Bond Reference Rates - China is available on Reuters 3000 Xtra and Reuters Trader for China, bringing customers leading benchmarks covering China's central bank bills, treasury bonds and sovereign bonds.
The central bank of Afghanistan has said that it is planning to allow trading in central bank bills and in the coming year.
The bank bills customer accounts directly and remits a portion of the total to ACOM.