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30 Kyodo Counterfeit bank checks made to look as if issued by Tokai Bank may currently be in circulation, Tokai Bank and police sources said Friday.
American Bank Checks include a wide range of personal and business checks, forms and accessories such as deposit tickets, check registers, address labels and check book covers.
With ezCheckPersonal, customers can easily design and print any style bank checks they want.
With the new ezCheckPrinting software, users can create unique checks by adding the company logo on the bank checks, modify the fonts, add new labels or add a signature.
The NNA said that bank checks and mobile prepaid recharge cards worth more than $3,000 were also stolen from Saleh's car.
He added that from January 21 people should use bank checks and electronic banking systems instead of cash transactions.
She is further alleged to have laundered the stolen money by buying bank checks and money orders and falsely attributing the purchases to account holders.
The practice of wiring money to US banks and sending US bank checks to Havana embassies to cash has become more difficult due to US tightening under the Bush administration, they said.
VersaInk lets users print unblemished documents, photos, images, and bank checks.
She accepts "no personal checks, no cashier's checks--only certified checks, only bank checks, always paid before the last performance.
In another finding, the college was charged $1,291 for memberships to three adult entertainment Web sites set up by someone who stole the account numbers from the college's bank checks, Eddinger said.