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But the World Bank stated that in this report the bank had estimated bilateral remittances between countries using the methodology summarised in the World Bank paper on South-South migration and remittances.
Inspired by the 'greed versus grievance' argument developed by an Oxford professor, Paul Collier, and research officer, Anke Hoeffler, in a World Bank paper from 2002, the book unreflectively applies a framework, but not the critiques launched against it.
The World Bank paper on Migration and Development: A Role for the World Bank Group provides an overview of the fundamental drivers of migration and the associated economic benefits and challenges.
The authorities should start issuing appropriate instruments, for example government bonds or central bank paper, for this purpose and allow for the possibility of an emergency liquidity facility at the CBI.
The World Bank paper said although most expected a smooth tightening cycle from the Fed, there was a risk of a substantial hit to capital flows if investors started to expect more aggressive hikes and drove up long-term bond yields.
Streamlining schedules, stops, fares, and passenger information among subways, buses and commuter rail, will make it easier for passengers, cut down on operational costs and boost operational revenue, according to a new World Bank paper published today, Public Transport Service Optimization and System Integration.
Hobhouse stated outright in Parliament that he was "afraid that bank paper would fall into as low a condition as even assignats or mandats." (28) Because assignats and mandats were forced currencies, any indication that paper notes might be forced on Britons met with vigorous opposition.
As the World Bank paper also pointed out, it should not merely be a case of dishing out information.
The same 2006 World Bank paper which extolled the long-term virtues of decentralization cautioned against the short-term risk of "capture" by local elites; if not done properly, "localization may increase the opportunities for corruption," it warned.
Last year they reversed course, printing central bank paper indexed to the dollar and facilitating dollar-denominated commerce despite the scarcity of greenbacks.
According to the 1999 World Bank Paper Infrastructure, Geographical Disadvantage and Transport costs, if East Africa reduced its transport costs by 10%, trade could increase by more than 20%.
The bank is expected to take advantage of investors' demand for subordinated bank paper through the issue