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The money$16 million the first year and $21 million the secondwill be funneled to the CTA to help bankroll unspecified improvements that, Emanuel maintained, will strengthen Chicagos bid for Amazons second North American headquarters.
Starting out: You have dedicated $1,000 toward your first poker bankroll and hope to turn it into much more.
You need to be able to suffer a few losing sessions, because they will happen, so good bankroll management is paramount.
The bot from Edmonton defeated four other competing bots, including bots from Carnegie Mellon and Monash Universities as well as two privately designed bots to take first place in the Bankroll (0.
Fat with oil money, Chavez could bankroll much of the pipeline project that could eventually reach Chile, Bolivia and Colombia.
Left out of this budget is any appropriation for the war in Iraq or a set-aside to bankroll the president's privatization of Social Security, while tax cuts that have turned historic surpluses into record deficits are being written off as "cost neutral.
4 million to bankroll a public relations firm to rehabilitate the company's tarnished image in the wake of the band's appearance.
Let's ask them why they are willing to bankroll new schools while refusing to help the underfunded ones that already exist.
With Bubble Protection, online players worldwide can now preserve their bankroll and enjoy more tournaments, without the hassle or distraction of excessive losses or long forms.
Resisting the temptation to abandon your current limit and take a shot at higher stakes prematurely is the key to protecting your bankroll and sustaining your confidence.
With this as his calling card, let's hope Lee can get someone to bankroll his next feature more generously.