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The measure was spearheaded and bankrolled by pro-voucher advocates who were angry that teacher unions contributed money to defeat a "school choice" initiative in 1993.
The launch of the reform package was marred by claims the Tories are bankrolled by a millionaire tax exile living in Florida.
We don't have millions of dollars like fat cat Republicans who bankrolled the Swift Boat campaign.
Boldly going where no fans have gone before, ``Star Trek: The New Voyages'' programs are written, acted, produced, bankrolled and beamed onto the Web (newvoyages.
But outside the Appeal Court in London, Mr Hamilton, accompanied by his wife Christine, refused to say how the new hearing was bankrolled.
Most recently, reports in The Washington Post, The Irish Times, and on CBS 60 Minutes II showcased how Western donations offered to redeem slaves instead bankrolled purchases by militant Muslims of weapons, munitions, and luxurious lifestyles safely outside the terror-torn communities of southern Sudan.
The aircraft's construction, the round-the-world flight last year and this record attempt have all been bankrolled by Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire who founded Virgin Atlantic airlines.
And he claimed Dunne later bankrolled Haughey's lavish lifestyle because of his life-saving intervention.
His nemesis is Evin, a power-hungry hacker bankrolled by a crime syndicate who has his own agenda: to control the Internet.