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Allen bankrolled the SpaceShipOne project with at least $20 million.
We are just everyday inconsequential skaters; they don't trust us like they endorse a pro skater-endorsed sales pitch/tom a bankrolled playground equipment company who recognizes profit to be seized in the current surge of city skateparks.
Pacepa summarized Arafat's dossier in "The KGB's Man" in the Wall Street Journal for September 22, 2003, describing how he was "trained, armed and bankrolled by the Soviet Union and its satellites for decades" Recounted Pacepa: "I was responsible for giving Arafat $200,000 in laundered cash every month throughout the 1970s.
The board has bankrolled almost 100 movies and TV series along with more than 300 dramas and documentaries.
After all, many Americans have bankrolled IRA terrorists for decades.
Attention to detail," says the founder and president of Stainless Steel Technology, is what's kept the company he bankrolled with his pension constantly expanding from a small metal fabricating shop operating out of a garage in 1984 to a company now employing 25.
The growing diversification of newsletter publishers' offerings--including conferences, websites bankrolled through sponsorships, and databases--reflects an industry-wide trend.
But the cardinal expressed some wariness about the organization of the summit, which was partially bankrolled by media mogul Ted Turner's Better World Fund.
Using his own capital and a little credit, he bankrolled nearly $5,000 to establish the company on his own.
Although bankrolled by the AFA, the crusade for library filters was led locally by Irvin Bos, a 59-year-old Holland resident who manages apartment buildings.