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ally and influential bankroller for the Arab world, stability in Saudi Arabia is important not just for the region but the world as it shapes both political and oil policy.
process and want the EU to move beyond its position as the bankroller of
For better or worse, China by a wide margin is the number one foreign bankroller of the U.
Through astonishing ineptness, rather than principled policy, Israel is risking the anger of its bankroller.
Nonetheless, clubs are still falling over themselves to attract a would-be bankroller and hoping against hope that he will be able to keep his promises and underwrite expenditure grossly in excess of income.
The idea that you would have andhellip; a private company headed by a man [Erik Prince the former head of Blackwater] who was a major bankroller of President Bush's campaign andhellip; potentially on the payroll for his company to provide hitmen to the Bush administration andhellip; is quite an explosive allegation," he said.
How will you answer charges that your county is godfather, bankroller, arms supplier and good buddy to the racist thieves and colonizers that have turned it into a powder-keg?
According to the Saudi daily Okaz, the minister, however, then said, "Iran should not serve as a haven for, or bankroller, of terror.
An article by Michael Joseph Gross in the February issue of Vanity Fair portrays a drama that combines the "Citizen Kane" aspects of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review owner and conservative cause bankroller Richard Scaife with a "War of the Roses" almost comic dramedy of their split.
military supplier, bankroller and chief diplomatic backer was being overwhelmed by a resurgent anti-colonialist movement in the third world as well as being challenged by the "Socialist" bloc.
As the United States geared up for war--first as bankroller and arms supplier of the Allies, and then as direct combatant after Pearl Harbor--the economy rebounded and virtually everyone was back to work, if not as a volunteer or draftee in the armed forces, then as a worker in war industries or in the rest of the newly revived economy.