banned goods

See: contraband
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The 42 pieces found have all been confiscated and warning letters were issued against the erring shop which proved to have been selling banned goods that defame the emirate and country.
The list of banned imports included previously banned goods such as dried food, vegetables, fruits and fish, as well as other products, such as used paper, fireworks, used spare parts made of rubber and plastic, used tires, vehicles missing various information (manufacturing country, company and date, vehicle's type, model and engine type), computer casing, electronic products and mechanical and medical equipment.
It will be illegal to sell and buy online and offline advertising services for banned goods which have no other practical use than execution or torture (e.
The staff member alleges packages - believed to be containing banned goods - are being dropped into the prison's grounds by the unmanned aircrafts.
Given the EU-Russia trade embargo, the investment provides Italy an opportunity to export investment and expertise rather than banned goods.
Saudi Arabia is determined to execute a zero-tolerance policy against smuggling, and the Customs operations have been bolstered by the addition of latest equipment, such as hi-tech X-ray machines and other electronic gadgets to stop attempts to smuggle banned goods in the Kingdom.
The Customs Chief emphasised the Customs Affairs Directorate's keenness to prevent smuggling banned goods, including electronic cigarettes, into Bahrain, praising the efforts of the customs officers in this respect.
This is not the first time Moscow has planned the mass destruction of banned goods.
They said he offered cash to smuggle banned goods and drugs inside the jail.
Among the banned goods are pinewood, steel pipes and welding rods, Palestinian border official Mounir al-Ghalban said Monday, World Bulletin reported.
Russia has no customs border with Kazakhstan or Belarus, both of which are in a position to re-import banned goods to Russia in circumvention of the ban.
Saboonchi, a US citizen, was accused of conspiring with two Iranian citizens to evade the trade embargo by shipping banned goods to other countries, from where the materials were then forwarded to Iran.