banned goods

See: contraband
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Violators operate with more sophisticated and risky methods and tricks, organized into lines and groups to smuggle and illegally transport banned goods and goods with high tax rates and imported goods.
In January, 47 commodities were removed from the list of banned imports and residents of border towns were given the green light to legally bring in previously banned goods including essential commodities like rice (30 kg per person annually), sugar (15 kilograms per person annually), tea (1 kg per person annually), vegetable oil (10 kg per person annually), paper (7 kg per person annually), coffee and oilseeds.
On the occasion DC Wagan said that destruction of these goods is not only a simple disposal mechanism of such banned goods but also send a strong message to the nefarious smugglers that the business they are dealing in is heinous and the civil society hates the same.
The banned goods were discovered during inspection of check-in and hand-carried luggage of incoming passengers at the Clark International Airport.
"The goods were destroyed for various reasons, ranging from products that do not adhere to public decency to expired foodstuffs, banned medicinal herbs, chewing tobacco, products lacking Arabic labels, counterfeit products, and falsified oils and tyres." - Salim Al Abri, Acting Director, Public Authority in Southern al Batinah Royal Decree 66 of the year 2014 details that expired or counterfeit products, as well as banned goods, are to be destroyed by the authorities.
** The European Union has recently banned goods of poor quality for the eastern markets, after reviewing the report on the different quality of products in the eastern and western markets.
The sources said last week Chinese customs are turning a blind eye to the flow of banned goods across the Pyongyang-Beijing border.
Fans attending the shows - which run from Thursday, June 21 to Sunday, June 24 - are being urged by stadium bosses not to take along large bags and to pay attention to the list of banned goods before they set out on their journeys.
In May, Qatar banned goods from the Arab quartet, including food and medical products, according to Qatari media.
Sellers are finding different ways to bring in these banned goods," he said, adding that authorities are extremely concerned about consumer protection.
Smugglers take the container first to their own warehouse to remove the banned goods and then replace it with iron and steel scrap and close the walls of the container.
It includes the possession of goods with knowledge that they are smuggled, and situations such as submitting false and fabricated documents or invoices, placing phony marks, concealing and hiding goods or marks, or the commission of any other act aimed at evading taxes due to the Customs Authority, wholly or partially in violation of the systems in force concerning banned goods.