banned goods

See: contraband
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MEPs inserted a prohibition on online and offline marketing and promotion of the banned goods in the EU (e.
DAMMAM: Alert customs officials, with the help of latest equipment, succeeded in foiling over 8,000 attempts to smuggle in banned goods and drugs in 2014.
They said he offered cash to smuggle banned goods and drugs inside the jail.
Among the banned goods are pinewood, steel pipes and welding rods, Palestinian border official Mounir al-Ghalban said Monday, World Bulletin reported.
Russia has no customs border with Kazakhstan or Belarus, both of which are in a position to re-import banned goods to Russia in circumvention of the ban.
Saboonchi, a US citizen, was accused of conspiring with two Iranian citizens to evade the trade embargo by shipping banned goods to other countries, from where the materials were then forwarded to Iran.
Shareefa, a 32-year-old Emirati, used to buy such banned goods online directly from a factory in China as she was unable to find them in the local market.
They can even ask the traffic cop to check the papers of the bus and the driver and offload banned goods.
The Dubai Customs also made 301 seizures of banned goods at the Jebel Ali Customs Centres from January to September last year.
The source explained that in most cases, a number of expatriates had been caught for using their vehicles to transfer banned goods such as banned beverages.
These crimes include rape, practicing untouchability, sati, Foreign Exchange Regulation Act violations, causing enmity over religion, language or region, electoral violations, taking drugs, importing banned goods, etc.
member nations to inspect cargo headed to North Korea if there were suspicions those ships carried banned goods.