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White flowers on a navy banner line the top of the building, creating depth with the open Philadelphia sky behind the building.
This vision, said the minister, has already gotten off the ground with His Highness launching the conference on youth issues under the banner line "Kuwait listens to its youth." He stressed that this vision was being promoted by the office of the minister of state for youth affairs which in unison with PAY will plan, coordinate, and lay out strategies for the benefits of the nation's youth.
Builders log onto and sign up for the service by entering vital information such as business and site name, headline and banner line, and start choosing Web site style and color.
In the Banner line, the company has added a 6-24x40 and--capitalizing on last year's 1.75-4X for shotgunners--a 3-9x40 with six inches of eye relief.
The "Dawn to Dusk" from Bushnell, sold under the Banner line, sells for about $200 retail and according to Frey, "is a lot of scope for the money and very popular with my customers."
And the wholesaler's Gold Banner line of O-T-Cs provides high quality at good margins.
He was speaking at a forum organized by the ministry he heads under the banner line Addressing the Draft Law on Cybercrime.
He noted with pride that the festival this year will be organized under the banner line "Kuwait is a world humanitarian center," and will promote in no uncertain terms Kuwait's position not only as a beacon of culture locally but also one that attracts world attention and admiration.
The Kuwaiti pavilion will be situated between those of the United States and Germany and will operate under the banner line The Challenges of Nature.
banner line of "Let us Joint Hands Together" House Speaker Jassem al-Kharafi
I was taken aback when my elder brother, by all appearances a perfectly oppressed Zia 'affectee' youth, offered his services to invent what turned out to be some of the most popular banner lines for the gentleman's campaign.