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He was speaking at a forum organized by the ministry he heads under the banner line Addressing the Draft Law on Cybercrime.
Under his leadership SCT conceived, built and marketed the BANNER line of software, which propelled the Education business to the market leader position while becoming the Company's largest and most profitable unit.
The "Dawn to Dusk" from Bushnell, sold under the Banner line, sells for about $200 retail and according to Frey, "is a lot of scope for the money and very popular with my customers.
He noted with pride that the festival this year will be organized under the banner line "Kuwait is a world humanitarian center," and will promote in no uncertain terms Kuwait's position not only as a beacon of culture locally but also one that attracts world attention and admiration.
As a reseller of SCT's Banner line of software products, the company supplies customer information products and services to a broad base of organizations providing gas, electricity, water and sewage services.
The Kuwaiti pavilion will be situated between those of the United States and Germany and will operate under the banner line The Challenges of Nature.