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Merseyside police Liverpool FC football intelligence officer, Constable Ian Kidd,has secured 14 banning orders.
As I have written over and over again in the last eight years, the recently passed Congressional Legislation conditionally banning partial-birth abortions is another morally flawed effort that will wind up saving no innocent lives.
It is unlikely that CPSC would initiate a banning or a performance standard for adult bathtubs.
Banning enhancement from sports competitions can obviously be justified as away of enforcing the agreed-upon rules of the game.
16, 1999 that she favored banning the product because it looked "too safe.
A hardcore 40 percent of the American public has always endorsed banning handguns.
But banning smoking in restaurants and bars, supposedly to protect the health of nonsmokers, is a step toward removing children from smokers' homes.
In July of this year, the Consumer Federation of American (CFA) officially petitioned the agency to take the banning action--arguing that consumers are "lulled into a false sense of security and safety," because the devices look safe.
Hahn has proposed barring lobbyists from raising money for city politicians and banning campaign consultants from lobbying city officials.
Notwithstanding the claim by three former presidents that "this is a matter of vital importance to the public safety," there is little reason to believe that banning these weapons will have any effect on violent crime.
Similarly, USA Weekend polled 76,971 readers and found that 78 percent are against banning off-road vehicles from national parks.