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DC Miller and PC Kidd have around 10 prime targets in their sights who they hope to hit with banning orders.
As I have written over and over again in the last eight years, the recently passed Congressional Legislation conditionally banning partial-birth abortions is another morally flawed effort that will wind up saving no innocent lives.
Thompson disputed some of the CPSC staff's data analysis and even suggested that banning baby bath seats might actually "lead to an overall increase in drowning death rates.
In fairness, Fukuyama is specific about banning human cloning, which in today's climate is about as risky as coming out for motherhood.
16, 1999 that she favored banning the product because it looked "too safe.
A hardcore 40 percent of the American public has always endorsed banning handguns.
DeMatteo's case is the first court ruling banning a parent's smoking in a case where the child is by all accounts healthy and has no allergic or health-related reactions to smoke.
There appears to be an intense media campaign to help Chairman Ann Brown achieve her goal of banning baby bath seats.
The problem with this line of reasoning is that banning tobacco advertising can be considered erring on the side of caution only if we attach little or no value to freedom of speech.