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MG Arms Banshee Classic Type: Bolt action Cartridge: 6.
INVOICE: Paperwork for cotton bales transported by the Banshee BANSHEE: A scale model at the Maritime Museum of the Merseyside-built vessel, which aimed to break enemy blockades
The Banshee aerial target system has been in service and operated at French ranges during the last seven years.
The Banshees were slated for replacement, but instead of acquiring a new fighter for the navy, the Canadian government disbanded the Banshee squadrons.
Pappy brought the Banshee down, thinking the warmer air would defrost the canopy, but suddenly, the rate-of-climb indicator began oscillating and quickly stopped altogether.
The Gwrach y Rhibyn also appeared as an old woman - a hideous one - and would wail and moan in grief in the same way as a banshee.
Short draw archers won't suffer from tired bow arms with the slight two-pound, 10-ounce mass weight of the Banshee, but young hunters will definitely appreciate the Banshee in Realtree HD Green camo or Black, Red or Blue target colors.
Scream for the Banshee is a tale of a young man with twisted morality who tries to find self-fulfilment by killing bad people.
8 million, are daughters of the late Unbridled and the Known Fact mare Banshee Winds, a Grade 2-placed juvenile.
Jim Paris throws sand into the wind near the South Jetty staging area in Florence as he rides his roommate's Yamaha Banshee ATV.
The Douglas F3D Skynight (top) flew night-fighter missions using advanced airborne radar, while the McDonnell F2H-2P Banshee (bottom left) provided vital aerial reconnaissance.