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He was a singular man in all respects; he might not have been quite in earnest, but that the short, hard, rapid manner in which he shot out these cinders of principles, as if it were done by mechanical revolvency, seemed irreconcilable with banter.
And what a regiment it was, too," cried Ilya Petrovitch, much gratified at this agreeable banter, though still sulky.
The message that kept coming through was that it was banter - nothing malicious.
I say: Enough is enough, the campaign to bring banter back to West London starts here.
Banter PR's Managing Partner, Amy Britt, reflects on the joy she had seeing the 24-room inn succeed just months after its grand opening this past January.
A classic vaudeville line made its way into their own high banter away from the stage--"that joke just never gets new.
He said: "It started off, that should've been banter, a joke, that's my mistake.
Footballers are notorious for their dressing room banter.
If You Can Put Ketchup On It Don't Eat It was my idea of a diet and an overriding strategy to solve big things simply," says Banter.
We have a bit of banter, that's what the atmosphere in the club is all about," said Coleman.
trivia BOOK OF WORLD CUP BANTER Edited By Bill Borrows
The weather has changed very quickly - it's cold, wet, windy so it is nice to look forward to our break and lunch times and pop up to see Kim and Carly and Food 4 U, Marsh and get firstly a friendly greeting, some great food, freshly cooked in front of you, plus as much cheek, lip and banter as we can handle.