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Amanda told the story of our high banter that followed my purchase of a maroon shirt that had an especially large collar.
That is, Blueface is providing the Banter service to users of other networks.
By using natural language understanding, the Banter technology will be able to understand the content of an email and suggest an appropriate response to the agent.
Banter Cards turned over a quarter of a million pounds in its first year and is on course to double that in its second year.
Keith Thepool Williams WE all know he was doing a bit of banter but I just hope he hasn't provided Woy with his team talk
Banter PR's Managing Partner, Amy Britt, reflects on the joy she had seeing the 24-room inn succeed just months after its grand opening this past January.
It's nice to have a bit of fun and bit of banter seeing what people come up with," said Jordan Willis.
Pupils at Redcar's John Emmerson Batty School needed a lead story for the Batty Banter.
But I had to warn one of my players there is a fine line between banter and bullying.
Anderson is a great fan of dressing-room banter, especially with fellow bowler Graeme Swann, which is why he has enjoyed getting involved in this year's Sport Relief.
WE'RE often accused of being jealous of footballers, and here's James Milner to explain why: "The banter at City is the same as at any club I've been at.