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Bantling, that "I think I know what I'm doing but I don't know as I can explain"; and is also implies by negatives in her judgement of Isabel as being "far too infatuated with mere brain-power".
Bantling, play out, in Clifford's phrase, "the idea that identity is a kind of wealth (of objects, knowledge, memories, experience).
What is only minimally interesting in Stackpole's engagement to Bantling is that others are surprised she really is a woman and that somehow her engagement is/must/should be proof of that .
Bantling, who undertook to escort her around London.
A history scheme established the Friends of Lanchester Roman fort who produced a booklet on the fort and walk leaflets, while restoration work has been carried out at the 19th Century Bantling lime kilns near Annfield Plain.
Dorney Court Gabled manor house starred in Bantling Boy; Truville Village Real-life murder was committed in the pub; Pictures: ALAMY/NATIONAL TRUST/BARRY KEEN
The Bantling Lime Kilns near Annfield Plain, Derwentside, were used to burn limestone to create quick and slaked lime.