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The decision for Ms Markle to be baptised and confirmed before the wedding will be seen as a nod to the Queen's strong faith and traditions within the monarchy.
The clergyman spoke to The Gazette following a story in the national press that reported his church baptised 200 "Iranian refugees" in five years.
The first tier is for local baptised children, the second for baptised children from elsewhere who can't access a Catholic school in their area and tier three for "other" children.
In the New Testament Jesus is baptised by John the Baptist who bashfully complains that he is unworthy to untie the Master's shoelaces.
Overall, the number of children being baptised increased from 67,724 a decade ago to 74,767 in 2011.
Prince George will be baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby.
First into the water were Mike Perrin and his daughter Chloe, who were baptised by the minister of Gloddaeth United Church, Rev Neil Kirkham.
I was wearing a wetsuit, as was my dad who baptised me, but I most certainly could still feel the cold.
Elliott Stewart, 11, was denied a free pass to St Leonard's School in Durham because council rules say a child and at least one of his parents must be a baptised Catholic to get subsidised travel to a faith school.
Do they realise that here 'the seed of eternal life' is being conveyed, so that, through the help of prayer and communion, the baptised might grow into holiness, along with a real and deep loving concern for others?
THE BABY of an Iraqi family was baptised by the Bishop of Coventry - the latest to keep up a family tradition.