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Ecclesiastical and theological issues have not been the only influences on the development of baptismal theology--though they have been the major ones.
He recommended that Christians continually return to the baptismal font, their home.
They are required to submit certified true copies of birth or baptismal certificate and photocopy of the latest income tax returns of their parents filed with the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
He also recited the name of each child and poured baptismal water over each baby's head.
Families who are applying for a place at a Roman Catholic school in the area are required to produce a baptismal certificate in case the school is oversubscribed due to high demand in its catchment.
the churchyard is a hexagonal shape, dating back to the 300th century baptismal chapel.
The Church of England does not allow people to be re-baptised - but they can repeat their vows in an Affirmation of Baptismal Faith.
We believe the 4-year-old girl drowned, the father is responsible, and it occurred inside the church in the baptismal pool," Healdsburg Police Chief Kevin Burke said.
That is my baptismal name, just as sacred as their own baptismal names.
The recent discovery of the oldest baptismal record in Ilocos Norte has sparked renewed interest to locate the lost towns of the province.
While Lent's primary purpose is baptismal preparation and preparation for its renewal, part of that preparation is the acceptance of our baptismal responsibility to go out and be agents of change in the world.
REMARKABLE statements were made at the Liverpool City Police Court today, when Cyril Aloysius Keogh (28), an actor, was charged with intent to mislead, and also with being in possession of a forged baptismal certificate.