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Allam who chose Cristiano as his baptismal name, called that day "the most beautiful day of my life.
Vishwalingam, whose Sri Lankan mother settled in Malaysia, narrated how he went from a staunchly traditional Hindu background to become a devout catholic with the baptismal name Lawrence.
John's Gospel is interpreted by some scholars as a reference to Leo X's first baptismal name of Giovanni, his other names being Damaso and Romolo.
Michael Bennet, "Spiritual Kinship and the Baptismal Name in Traditional Society," in Principalities and Powers and Estates: Studies in Medieval and Modern Government and Society, ed.
My baptismal name, since Confirmation completes Baptism.
Like many other artisans, in his adopted city Francesco Capriani followed his baptismal name with that of his native city: Francesco Capriani da Volterra, or more usually Francesco da Volterra.
Finally, two popes with the baptismal name Peter--John XIV (983-984) and Sergius IV (1009-1012)--changed their names out of respect for the first bishop of Rome.
Thus it would be perfectly acceptable if some future pope decided to revive the practice of the first millennium and keep his baptismal name.
Kim's baptismal name is Thomas More, after a saint who had his own troubles with political oppression.
Consciously merging his new-found faith with his political resistance, he took Thomas More as his baptismal name and asked Chang to be his sponsor.
They renounced their baptismal name for new ones (just as the Heaven's Gate group took new names, some as silly as Bo and Peep), and many were given male names.
Although Greenlaw resigned as director of the society and retired from the priesthood in August 1994, he still wrote a $45,000 check from the Archdiocesan Mission Office to "Francis Greenlaw" -- his baptismal name -- and signed it "Martin Greenlaw," the name he has used since his ordination, the story alleges.