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In this ecclesiology of preaching, the preaching professor, who trains the pastors who will preach to the baptized so that the baptized can preach to the world, is far removed from the utterance that actually changes lives, or makes disciples, or proclaims the nearness of the Reign of God.
The Particular Baptists of 1644 made a central statement about the nature of the church by affirming, "That Christ hath here on earth a spiritual Kingdom, which is the Church, which he hath purchased and redeemed to himself, as a peculiar inheritance: which Church, as it is visible to us, is a company of visible Saints, called and separated from the world, by the word and Spirit of God, to the visible profession of the faith of the Gospel, being baptized into that faith, and joined to the Lord, and each other, by mutual agreement, in the practical enjoyment of the Ordinances, commanded by Christ their head and King.
Persons who were baptized or will be baptized in the future with the formulas in question in reality are not baptized," said Cardinal Urbano Navarette in a commentary commissioned by the doctrinal congregation.
If a person has been baptized or confirmed in another church, that person will be warmly received into the Presbyterian Church as a brother or sister in Christ.
Many had married Catholics and had children, and the tipping point often came when the children were baptized, ready to start Catholic school, or preparing for First Communion.
69) While some have advocated acceptance of this approach, (70) the most surprising development is George Beasley-Murray's exploration of the "possibilities" of a rapprochement between believer's baptism and pedobaptism when the latter is seen as attesting "the commencement of the work of grace within the baptized with a view to its blossoming into fulness of life in Christ and in his Body the Church as the individual's life progressively opens to Christ.
Some parishes cite confusion when RCIA candidates receive all the sacraments of initiation at the same time but those who are baptized as infants wait several years.
10 of the Pastoral Directives, he states: "A baptized Christian of another denomination who comes forward for Communion during a Eucharistic celebration is understood to be in genuine spiritual need and to be requesting the Eucharist on his or her own initiative.
Hundreds of children have been baptized at St Mary's Church in the past decade using the words "creator, liberator and sustainer" instead of "Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
But it would have been hard to match the excitement level at the Dumur home in Reseda, home to four school-age cousins who were to be baptized Saturday.
Because Christians possess this spiritual instinct for the faith, the council taught that all the baptized, not just clergy, are participants in the ongoing development of church tradition.
I: It is the reality, I observe, that Catholic theology has always called communio sanctorum, the communion of "saints", in which all the baptized are "saints".