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There was no magical thinking--they did not believe that baptizing him would guarantee the success of the surgery, nor would the lack of it keep him from heaven.
Mel Catholic Church in Woodland Hills, rejoices in the baptizing of adults in a rite during the Easter vigil, to be held at churches throughout the area tonight, on the eve of the church's holiest day.
Before John wrote, "In the beginning was the Word," the first Christians had a story about John baptizing Jesus.
What is the point in baptizing a child who will not be brought up in a household of faith?
In 1995, after the Wiesenthal Center learned that the church was baptizing Holocaust victims posthumously, the church agreed to stop the practice and removed 400,000 names from the index.
Karen Spierling's book explores the many-sided significance of the practice of baptizing infants in mid-sixteenth-century Geneva.
I guess he knows that God's "hands" were indeed tied because the baptizing priest replaced "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" with "creator, liberator and sustainer.
Basically, Baptists are a mission society announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ, calling men and women to repentance, baptizing them in the name of the triune God, and gathering together as the beloved community to extend the Kingdom of Christ.
In a cosmos of double veils, every answer is twain: We own this space, if nothing else, and fill it With twinkling stars and cymbals, common buttercups, Fire from John Henry's hammer, and cascades of bubbles, Baptized and baptizing, in the spirit.
The Mormon practice of baptizing the dead has caused controversy before, and in 1995 the church  (http://www.