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Bar codes are a simple, reliable mechanism for identifying parts, equipment and tools.
HP's new font DIMMs, SIMMs, and TrueType fonts on a disk mean that any LaserJet 4, 5, and 6 Family, and LaserJet 4000 and 8000 printer customer can create high-quality bar codes from within their Windows and non-Windows applications.
Benefits of a laboratory bar code labeling system include:
The Manila Bulletin conducted its own test using a bar code application through an app in a Samsung mobile device.
MANILA -- To "modernize" the bar exams, the Supreme Court has turned to bar codes.
The Conf-ID-ent Bar Code Blood Card is available in units of 250 cards or as a system with an option for inpatient or outpatient blood bands.
Smartphone sales will continue to grow, which will help bar code adoption.
According to the official, many spectators received passes with the same bar code at Indira Gandhi Stadium.
Today, more than 2 dozen different linear bar code symbologies are in use, as well as a number of 2-dimensional coding systems.
Xenon scanners have the depth of field, shortening read time and improving scanning performance on almost all types of bar codes.
Specifics on the bar code and database are detailed below.
Today is the 57th anniversary of the bar code patent.