bar of justice

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With which she pushed me into a corner near her, and fenced Me in with a chair, as if it were a prison or a bar of justice.
Ting said Kuwaiti's who are accused of committing abuses and crimes against OFWs should be put before the bar of justice.
Marcelito 'Tito' Paez would be investigated by the police and that perpetrators would be brought to the bar of justice.
Coloma said he has yet to read such a report from the UN, but noted that the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police are working closely to pursue the individuals and groups responsible for this incident and bring them to the bar of justice.
The police should arrest the killer and bring the mastermind to the bar of justice," said Pangasinan governor Amado Espino Jr.
Again, investigations are conducted and reports are written, but no one is ever brought before the bar of justice.
Even those who were brought to the bar of justice uniformly denied their participation and indeed, that such mass murder had even occurred.
The operation has not ended and we will see to it that the kidnappers will face the bar of justice.
We remain confident that John Demjanjuk will be deported and finally face the bar of justice for the unspeakable crimes he committed when he was a guard at the Sobibor death camp," said founder Rabbi Marvin Hier.
These people are criminals and they must be brought to the bar of justice and apprehended," he said.
WORCESTER - Nearly 24 years after stabbing victim Lillian Johnson's partially clad body was discovered on the bedroom floor of her Freeland Street apartment, her alleged killer and former upstairs neighbor was brought before the bar of justice.