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Because I admired these barbarities of Poe's, I wished to irritate them, to spit some hapless victim on my own spear, to make him suffer and to make the reader laugh.
Sometimes, when in a very complacent mood, he would go a-birds'-nesting with the children, a thing that irritated and annoyed me exceedingly; as, by frequent and persevering attempts, I flattered myself I had partly shown them the evil of this pastime, and hoped, in time, to bring them to some general sense of justice and humanity; but ten minutes' birds'-nesting with uncle Robson, or even a laugh from him at some relation of their former barbarities, was sufficient at once to destroy the effect of my whole elaborate course of reasoning and persuasion.
We can clearly state that those political Islamists who raise their voices for even very insignificant developments in the world have remained silent in face of the ISIL barbarities.
Under the weight of massive propaganda by Western interests, shari'a is now widely considered synonymous with the oppression of women, cutting off of heads, and other barbarities.
The Second Vatican Council recognized in Gaudium et Spes that today "the savagery of war threatens to lead the combatants to barbarities far surpassing those of former ages.