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Payback mirrors the GSG's "Barbarization" scenario in the Spirit of Earth Day Future's dystopic vision, which shows Scrooge a version of himself as weak, reduced to rags, and fighting over the right to eat a dead cat (201).
Like Onuf had anticipated over two decades ago, even not if taking into account a future economic crisis of the scale and impact of the present one--growing assertivity is disbalancing the historic order of the Western world, leading to increased asymmetries and, consequently, barbarization. Barbarian agents (propagandists, political parties, different extreme movements, some multinational corporations or monetary institutions, dictatorial states) do nothing besides giving instructions about where did we end up and how we can overcome the present state of affairs.
For example, the 'Global Scenario Group' (Raskin et al, 2002), produced six scenarios in three groups of two: Conventional Worlds (Market Forces and Policy Reform), Barbarization (Breakdown and Fortress World) and Great Transitions (Eco-Communalism and New Sustainability).
Nietzsche sees Graeculization as a dissembling of Hellenism, a weakening and descent into "Greek jollity and frivolity," which dissipated "by degrees in a pandemonium of myths and superstitions collected at random." (45) In other words, it was not just an imperial vocabulary but one reflective of actual cultural decadence that progressively brought about the Barbarization of the Hellenes.
You can frame it as a chapter in the history of white atrocities against nonwhites, as an episode in the escalating barbarization of warfare in the twentieth century.
Longest overall COLLECTIVENESS / CORRECTIVENESS, MEDDLESOMENESS / METTLESOMENESS, and SLUGGISHNESSES / SLUTTISHNESSES (14 letters); longest with no doubled letters BARBARIZATION / MARMARIZATION (13 letters); longest with three substitutions MAMMIFEROUS / PAPPIFEROUS (11 letters); longest in a set of three or more words DINGLEDANGLE / JINGLE JANGLE / TINGLETANGLE (12 letters).
Hugo was clearly worried for his cousin; "elle travaille comme une negresse," he confided to his diary, and then there is this entry for November 29: "I feel as if Anna is being slowly ground up." Her name figured in the Parliamentary debates over the new, allegedly decadent, art; Deutsches Volksblatt, the paper of the ascendent Christian Socials, warned that "fists will have to go into action on January 20," while the writers of the Young Vienna movement published a pro-Kuhl manifesto, vowing to meet the "barbarization" of public life with an equal strength of purpose.
[3] These scenarios describe awide range of possible future worlds, including two "Barbarization" scenarios, two "Conventional World" scenarios in which current paradigms, values and institutions are preserved, and two "Great Transition" scenarios, which describe possible sustainable development futures.
It attacked the barbarization of education and the nationalistic frenzy which were the forerunners of the Nazi regime.
`LSSAH,'" all in SS Biographical Files; Michael Reynolds, The Devil's Adjutant: Jochen Peiper, Panzer Leader (New York, 1995), 27-32; Omer Bartov, The Eastern Front, 1941-45: German Troops and the Barbarization of Warfare (London, 1985), passim.
Still other authors adopt the spoken language, "street Hebrew," as a matter of principle, as though barbarization of language were equivalent to relevance.