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This spontaneity was turning the Russian peasant "virtually into a barbarian." (32) As Lenin explained, the "remnants [of serfdom] 'barbarize' the process of development" (6: 217, emphasis mine).
Klutaimestra, in effect, barbarizes Agamemnon, appealing to his sense of what the Trojan, that is Asian, King Priam would have done had he achieved what Agamemnon achieved and won the war.
Nashe and Jonson translate Marlowe's satire formally and thematically in their digressive renderings of Hero and Heander, Unlike Museaus's Leander, who shyly strives to "lay shame by and speak" (115), Marlowe's sophister rhetorically and thematically barbarizes Museaus's portrayal of Neoplatonic idealism.
The a priori assumption that the roots of "new" conflicts are indigenous, cultural, and/or "civilizational" and that, consequently, there exists a distinction between legitimate force and irrational violence constructs the intervening state(s) as intrinsically benevolent and it "barbarizes" the belligerent(s).