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Southey's immersion in "superstitious" cultures had barbarized his imagination and threatened to savage the great tradition of British poetry.
The capital of the Roman Empire was transferred to Constantinople, though Rome itself later revived to become an `island of civility' in a barbarized Italy.
According to Campion: 'In those lack-learning times, and in barbarized Italy, began that vulgar and easie kind of Poesie which is now in vse throughout most parts of Christendome, which we abusively call Rime and Meeter.' (3) The notion of an Italian or Arabic source in the eighth century prevailed until the early nineteenth century, when Sharon Turner pointed to a much earlier use of rhyme in Church Latin of the fourth and fifth centuries.
We ourselves have become barbarized. We are trying to restore our memory; grain by grain we are gathering the authentic Word (and we are not always sure we will recognize it).
If intellectuals on the anti-democratic right "barbarized," and along with many other political thinkers, "orientalized" Russia, this was at one level a claim to domination.
Unfortunately Li Hu's age at death (the fifth month in 551, according to ZZTJ 164.5066) was not recorded for verifying this folk custom popular among the "barbarian" and "barbarized" figures in northern China to which the Li clan belonged.