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Barbarous Antiquity considers imported objects and technologies that fit into Bruno Latour's category of social mediators, things that "reconfigure] the markets and culture into which they [are] imported" through a material change (128).
Barbarous Map - This is based on the attacks by barbarians that eventually led to the fall of the Roman Empire.
in 1953 and his new book, The Barbarous Years, was published after he turned 90--is that he has moved from studying the most sophisticated, worldly colonial Americans to studying something like their opposites.
Bailyn's introduction indicates that The Barbarous Years is a prequel to his Pulitzer Prize-winning book Voyagers to the West (1986).
IT seems some writers to Mailbag are following in the footsteps of the barbarous Normans, a millennium later, in denying the English their heroes.
Therefore, Arifi advises him to begin this political dialogue before leaving for Washington and try to rise a little higher above the empty triumphalism and the barbarous primitivism of the quasi-politics.
Israel waged a barbarous attack against a humanitarian aid fleet heading to Gaza on May 31, killing 9 activists and injuring many others.
Instead, he is confronted with the horrors of the slaughterhouses, barbarous working conditions, crushing poverty, disease, and despair.
We condemn barbarous attack by Israel on the aid ships," Palestinian Embassy told a statement.
It was barbarous," said Elizardo Sanchez, spokesman of the Cuban committee for human rights, an illegal organization tolerated by Havana.
Since coming together at the Yale School of Music in 1999, the group So Percussion has been making music that has been called alternately raucous and touching, barbarous and refined.
I totally condemn, with all my soul, this barbarous act of sacrilege," he said.