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We were informed that the Indians, numbering their dead, found they had four killed more than we; and therefore, four of the prisoners they had taken, were, by general consent, ordered to be killed, in a most barbarous manner, by the young warriors, in order to train them up to cruelty; and then they proceeded to their towns.
who, as to me, were innocent, and whose barbarous customs were their own disaster, being in them a token, indeed, of God's having left them, with the other nations of that part of the world, to such stupidity, and to such inhuman courses, but did not call me to take upon me to be a judge of their actions, much less an executioner of His justice - that whenever He thought fit He would take the cause into His own hands, and by national vengeance punish them as a people for national crimes, but that, in the meantime, it was none of my business - that it was true Friday might justify it, because he was a declared enemy and in a state of war with those very particular people, and it was lawful for him to attack them - but I could not say the same with regard to myself.
I also ordered him to bury the horrid remains of their barbarous feast, which I could not think of doing myself; nay, I could not bear to see them if I went that way; all which he punctually performed, and effaced the very appearance of the savages being there; so that when I went again, I could scarce know where it was, otherwise than by the corner of the wood pointing to the place.
has launched 'Pagbasag ng Katahimikan,' a translation of Lourdes Montinola's 'Breaking the Silence,' which narrates the 'most barbarous episode of the Pacific War.
These kinds of barbarous things shouldn't be allowed.
It was noted in condolences that such barbarous attacks have no justifications.
Une douzaine de plongeurs de l'association ecologique Barbarous ont procede, hier, a une operation de renflouage d'un filet [beaucoup moins que] fantome [beaucoup plus grand que] du fond marin de la reserve protegee des iles Habibas (Oran), a-t-on constate sur place.
Labour MP Stephen Doughty, who unearthed the figures, said they underlined "the threat to our young people from this barbarous organisation".
The great medieval rabbi, philosopher and physician Maimonides warned against literalism, which, over history, has led to the most barbarous wars.
Cameron can be defeated on Wednesday - so please lobby your MP, especially if he or she is a Tory or one of the small bank of Labour hunt supporters, by emailing or calling to urge them to oppose voting for barbarous cruelty.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Leader of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement Abdul-Malik al-Houthi strongly criticized the Saudi "brutal and barbarous aggression" against his country, and censured the so-called humanitarian groups that have turned a blind eye to the Saudi violation of human rights.
Vivisection ought to be banned as an unnecessary, horrible and barbarous outdated medical excuse for healing.