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didn't stand to lose a farthing' through Mr Harmon's coming to life, but was quite as well satisfied as if that gentleman had been barbarously murdered, and he (Mr Inspector) had pocketed the government reward.
Eloisa to Abelard': (Abelard was a very famous unorthodox philosopher of the twelfth century who loved Heloise and was barbarously parted from her.
He took no notice of the change--he seemed to be barbarously unconscious that he had said anything to pain her.
Three others, however, were quarrelling barbarously away forward; and one big fellow, half naked, with herculean shoulders, was hanging limply over a winch; another, sitting on the deck, his knees up and his head drooping sideways in a girlish attitude, was plaiting his pigtail with infinite languor depicted in his whole person and in the very movement of his fingers.
And no child in the world has suffered more grievously - indeed more barbarously - than those living under Israel's rule of the gun.
The account said: "They pursued the rest in fields and lanes, cutting and most barbarously mangling naked men to the number of 15 men, one woman, another being shot, and many hurt, many men sore wounded.
In this sense, Augusta confounds the domestic narratives that typically--and in the bizarre case of Meeson's will, atypically--claim tattooed women; she is neither a barbarously unfashionable New Woman nor a dangerously uncritical fashionista.
Rushton, West Indian Eclogues: "a short time before that invasion the tyrant, his master, had barbarously torn her from him"; "having observed his cruel tyrant in the Spanish line, he flew to the place where he fought" (30-31n"s").
Aided and abetted by a short-sighted Federal farm policy," the authors write, "Big Ag treats cows barbarously, even as it ruins some of the best soil on the planet, destroys irreplaceable aquifers, fills the air with warming gases, and creates enormous dead zones at the mouths of rivers.
The still hypocritical calls for regime change, including in Syria, after what happened to Iraq when its former dictator was deposed, or in Libya, where Muammar Gaddafi was barbarously butchered, it seems to me, are made by the people who are at least narrow-minded, if not villains who simply enjoy or seek the destruction of countries and regions in the hope of getting their own benefit", Lavrov said.
Their churches are being barbarously ravaged and looted, their sacred objects profaned, their monuments destroyed.
For example, in 1749 several newspapers reported how "John Parry, a Coach-Hamess-Maker, was barbarously murdered by a Brazier, at a little House of ill Fame in Silver-street, near Bridewell-Lane.