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His parents had always treated him barbarously; she preferred not to see them again, and they made no advances, either from forgetfulness or out of innate hardness.
As an animal, Matilda was all right, full of life, vigour, and activity; as an intelligent being, she was barbarously ignorant, indocile, careless and irrational; and, consequently, very distressing to one who had the task of cultivating her understanding, reforming her manners, and aiding her to acquire those ornamental attainments which, unlike her sister, she despised as much as the rest.
'didn't stand to lose a farthing' through Mr Harmon's coming to life, but was quite as well satisfied as if that gentleman had been barbarously murdered, and he (Mr Inspector) had pocketed the government reward.
'Eloisa to Abelard': (Abelard was a very famous unorthodox philosopher of the twelfth century who loved Heloise and was barbarously parted from her.
"But how could you, Leith," I cried, the picture of the consumptive lad strong before me, "how could you treat him so barbarously?"
He took no notice of the change--he seemed to be barbarously unconscious that he had said anything to pain her.
Three others, however, were quarrelling barbarously away forward; and one big fellow, half naked, with herculean shoulders, was hanging limply over a winch; another, sitting on the deck, his knees up and his head drooping sideways in a girlish attitude, was plaiting his pigtail with infinite languor depicted in his whole person and in the very movement of his fingers.
In fact, its effect there, right at the end of this long opera, is stunning, barbarously accented, snarling and dramatic, thanks to Harding's lively, involved conducting and the pungent, theatrical 'period' sounds of his excellent Mahler Chamber Orchestra.
Winn argues that due "to a false etymology, 'Satvr' was a spelling Dryden and his contemporaries often used for 'satire,' but in this case the poet explicitly portrays himself as an old emasculated satyr, whose 'Honey-bag, and Venome' have been barbarously torn away.
|May I,' said I, 'Lucretia-like, justify myself with my death, if I am used barbarously?'--'O, my good girl.' said he, tauntingly, 'you are well read, I see; and we shall make out between us, before we have done, a pretty story in romance, I warrant ye'" (1:21).
200 YEARS AGO: Whereas on Sunday night Richard Davis was robbed of a silver watch, No.7547, maker's name T Pease of London, and also of some money between Darlaston and Bilston by a person unknown in that neighbourhood by the name of Jack Hughes, a labourer or navigator, who most barbarously beat him with a stick and left him for dead.
42).(36) As captain of the Helots, Pyrocles is so worshipped that he feels uncomfortable about their "barbarously thinking unsensible wonders of me" (NA, p.