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Three others, however, were quarrelling barbarously away forward; and one big fellow, half naked, with herculean shoulders, was hanging limply over a winch; another, sitting on the deck, his knees up and his head drooping sideways in a girlish attitude, was plaiting his pigtail with infinite languor depicted in his whole person and in the very movement of his fingers.
They have all been as bad as I:" which, by the way, was not true; for it seems this Will Atkins was the first man that laid hold of the captain when they first mutinied, and used him barbarously in tying his hands and giving him injurious language.
I cannot say but I had some reflections in this affair upon the dishonourable forsaking my faithful citizen, who loved me sincerely, and who was endeavouring to quit himself of a scandalous whore by whom he had been indeed barbarously used, and promised himself infinite happiness in his new choice; which choice was now giving up herself to another in a manner almost as scandalous as hers could be.
didn't stand to lose a farthing' through Mr Harmon's coming to life, but was quite as well satisfied as if that gentleman had been barbarously murdered, and he (Mr Inspector) had pocketed the government reward.
One time, in my sleep, I had the villainy of the three pirate sailors so lively related to me by the first Spaniard, and Friday's father, that it was surprising: they told me how they barbarously attempted to murder all the Spaniards, and that they set fire to the provisions they had laid up, on purpose to distress and starve them; things that I had never heard of, and that, indeed, were never all of them true in fact: but it was so warm in my imagination, and so realised to me, that, to the hour I saw them, I could not be persuaded but that it was or would be true; also how I resented it, when the Spaniard complained to me; and how I brought them to justice, tried them, and ordered them all three to be hanged.
For example, in 1749 several newspapers reported how "John Parry, a Coach-Hamess-Maker, was barbarously murdered by a Brazier, at a little House of ill Fame in Silver-street, near Bridewell-Lane.
It was too willing to limit duties to others to their display of their rational essence--and as a result humanism could become an excuse to exclude and so treat the barbarians barbarously.
What cause is there, other than the cause of unremitting evil, that can lure one human being to behave so barbarously toward his fellow human beings?
To glut himself with horror, he barbarously handled the quarters, laid them by the venison, and was not ashamed inhumanly to compare them together.
the barbarously vexed and hostile scowl of the old man.
The Bell, now the symbol of Mental Health America (MHA), was cast from the iron chains and shackles that, in the early days of asylums, were barbarously used as restraints.
The account said: "They pursued the rest in fields and lanes, cutting and most barbarously mangling naked men to the number of 15 men, one woman, another being shot, and many hurt, many men sore wounded.