bare possibility

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Thinking that viewed in some particular lights, the case might by a bare possibility in some small degree be deemed, under the circumstances, a rather hard one, an honest clergyman of the town respectfully addressed a note to his Grace, begging him to take the case of those unfortunate mariners into full consideration.
The severe illness from which he had suffered shortly after his arrival had never wholly left him, and he had by degrees almost decided to relinquish his hope of farming here, though, as long as the bare possibility existed of his remaining, he kept this change of view a secret from his parents.
The bare possibility of it acted as a farther irritation on her spirits; and her being left in solitary grandeur, even supposing the omission to be intended as a compliment, was but poor comfort.
Under somewhat similar circumstances, privileged people have been received as passengers, or rather as guests, in her majesty's ships--and what has been conceded on former occasions may, by bare possibility, be conceded now.
The bare possibility that she might earn her pardon if she was allowed to plead her own cause was a possibility still left.
Heaven knows I have had torment enough at the bare possibility of that; it was for joy to find that you had some depth of soul and feeling after all, and to hope that I had not been utterly mistaken in your worth.
There was a bare possibility of overtaking them if pursued instantly.
That is indeed a possible response to the Don'ts, and in the early years of capitalism it was more than a bare possibility. It was precisely the line that Adam Smith, David Hume, Baron Montesquieu, and Benjamin Constant, among others, adopted.
What interests Ridley is the appreciation of expressive music, rather than the bare possibility of hearing music as expressive.
In practical terms, there is a bare possibility of the United States requesting Japan to allow the re-entry of nuclear weapons today.
But its bare possibility is enough to create a moral and rational duty for us to try to secure it through the proper use of freedom.
At best, what they do is hold out the bare possibility of the existence of a powerful being (like "Q" of Star Trek: The Next Generation) the mechanisms of whose acts remain utterly hidden.