bare subsistence

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But, just as they reached a proper age for their union, misfortunes had fallen heavily on both, and made it necessary that they should resort to personal labor for a bare subsistence.
He earned a bare subsistence by writing on the exhibitions of pictures for one or two English papers, and he did a certain amount of translating.
No matter how much you give to the poor, everything except a bare subsistence wage will be taken from them again by force.
The Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution's nominal amount of Rs 5,250 per month is not enough for bare subsistence.
We don't know why authorities want to deny us our bare subsistence," said Gjorgji Vegov of the Association of Taxi Drivers of Gevgelija.
Classical economists developed the notion of an "iron law of wages," that wages paid to labor would trend toward a level of bare subsistence as capitalists endeavored to increase their profits in the face of diminishing returns to production.
Then there was a huge reserve army in the south which prevented wages there from rising above a bare subsistence level (and thereby helped to achieve price-stability in the metropolis by preventing any autonomous cost-push for raw materials), but did not restrain northern wages owing to this fact of segmentation.
And what would you do if the population of Gaza were living under a brutal siege, unable to export their agriculture or the products so their labors, with foodstuffs embargoed allowing only a bare subsistence, with electricity and fuel limited, and potable water in short supply, and with building and rebuilding or destroyed structure from two previous wars with Israel made impossible because of the Israeli siege?
the ailing Palestinian Authority pegged down at bare subsistence levels, without state authority or geographical contiguity, an undeveloped economy totally dependent on Israel and foreign donors, and a Palestinian elite accorded VIP status in reward for its collaboration in maintaining the status quo.
Almost a year since it became a member of the World Bank Group, South Sudan, which got its independence in July 20121, still faces enormous challenges with virtually no or poor infrastructure, bare subsistence level agriculture, dismal human development indicators, and weak formal institutions of government.
Our research proposes that a necessary precursor for sustainable living and a deep attachment to the environment is for educators to provide experiences that strip back the superfluity of everyday life and introduce bare subsistence.
They threaten to put 30,000 Remploy jobs on the line, and throw these decent people out of work and on to a benefits system which would cut their quality of life to a bare subsistence level.