bare subsistence

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But, just as they reached a proper age for their union, misfortunes had fallen heavily on both, and made it necessary that they should resort to personal labor for a bare subsistence. Even under these circumstances, Martha Pierson would probably have consented to unite her fate with Adam Colburn's, and, secure of the bliss of mutual love, would patiently have awaited the less important gifts of fortune.
He earned a bare subsistence by writing on the exhibitions of pictures for one or two English papers, and he did a certain amount of translating.
No matter how much you give to the poor, everything except a bare subsistence wage will be taken from them again by force.
The masses were always exploited and left to eke out a bare subsistence in their urban and rural sprawls without a sense of discipline.
A nation groping more 'or less' in the dark, and striving for bare subsistence cannot afford to depart from laws and principles which, are sufficiently verified, and from routes which are well-charted, to embark on experiments which the empirical verdicts of history declare to be utterly ruinous.
Since per capita income is already low, the majority of the population lives at the level of bare subsistence. This in turns inhibits economic development.
Thrasyllus and Polemon, two old veterans of the Peloponnesian Wars, are neighbors trying to squeeze out a bare subsistence by farming their land in the Athenian countryside.
"The speed with which the characters go from middle-class security and self-confidence to bare subsistence might strike adult readers as a little overdetermined.
The Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution's nominal amount of Rs 5,250 per month is not enough for bare subsistence. How does the state expect its citizens to survive on this dole?
We don't know why authorities want to deny us our bare subsistence," said Gjorgji Vegov of the Association of Taxi Drivers of Gevgelija.
ON THIS DAY February 13, 1915: There was growing anxiety in Huddersfield over the rising price of bread, flour, coal, meat and other necessities of daily life for people "whose life is already a struggle for bare subsistence" and the Government should do more to help.
In the ghettos the Jews are to receive only as much food as the rest of the population can spare, but not more than is required for their bare subsistence. The same applies to the allocation of other essential goods, according to the Jewish Virtual Library.