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As we made our way a few doors down, I was still picturing the beast's bared teeth - Doberman, no doubt - when the physical danger himself came yipping out: a Dachshund.
And instead of snarling with bared teeth like a true Rottie, 17-month-old Bentley has inherited a sweet nature and just wags his tail.
As for the full-face, bared teeth version - then it is a flash of aggression, a definite warning-off.
The Twomblyish scrawlings in most of the paintings, such as Portrait (Yellow Hair), look too mannered in the context of the hot colors and bared teeth.
If it's about to attack it will give a warning - deep growling, ears flattened against the head, bared teeth and tail held high - which tells you you should immediately separate dog and child.
With simplified heads that reveal only ravaged skin and aggressively bared teeth, these characters appear to be acting out compulsive myths of American identity: aimless drifting paired with an instinct to kill.