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- Seamless out of the box integration with Barefoot Deep Insight enabling advanced network performance monitoring and anomaly detection in real time with nanosecond accuracy and granularity
Bill Mitchell, director of education at BCS, which was responsible for originally creating Barefoot Computing in collaboration with the Department for Education, Raspberry Pi and BT, said:
"I call myself the 'barefoot beast of Llantrisant' and the name has stuck.
Individual relative percentage changes between barefoot and shod conditions at low (3.05 m x [s.sup.-1]) and high (4.72 m x [s.sup.-1]) velocities are displayed in Figure 1 and 2.
Barefoot Malbec (13.5%abv) is a deep ruby colour and has aromas of plums, vanilla and a hint of white pepper spice.
Originally marketed to yacht racers to maintain a grip on slippery surfaces, the FiveFingers shoes gradually made their way onto the feet of serious runners, creating a new wave of barefoot running fever.
This improvement, according to author Xiaoping Fang, is attributed to the "barefoot doctor (chijiao yisheng) program"--a radical system of health-care delivery for the rural masses officially endorsed in 1968.
Here in Ohio I found a group that is called Barefoot Hikers of Central Ohio (BFHCO).
Beyond the awards and medals, Vega said he walks without footwear to make the public aware that over 300 million children all over the world walk barefoot every day because they cannot afford to buy shoes.
Duluth, GA, April 20, 2015 --( The 11th Annual Barefoot in the Park Arts Festival will have performances and artists from all over the Southeast and beyond.
I have switched to a barefoot style of running for about the last year.
The four Aeta grandmothers are the first batch of seven people belonging to the Indigenous Peoples (IP) in the Philippines chosen to be scholars in Barefoot College.