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For the second time that day, I fell to my knees, but this time I was not asking a heartless barefoot doctor for help.
China's Cooperative Medical System during the Cold War era ensured that even rural farmers had some access to healthcare, even if it came from barefoot doctors who were community experts in Western and traditional forms of medicine.
The local health care worker, previously called a barefoot doctor, and her small but tidy clinic tend to the basic needs of the villagers.
Barefoot Doctor Sweet Feet Barefoot Balm: Funky and fresh, this is one for teenagers.
Product: Barefoot Doctor Un-dress, De-stress deep bath soakPrice: pounds 6.
Return Of The Urban Warrior, by Barefoot Doctor (Thorsons, pounds 12.
My good friend, the Barefoot Doctor, has taken time out from his challenging schedule to demonstrate Tai Chi at the Labyrinth.