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Under CMS, the barefoot doctor was one among us, who cared for everyone and was paid through the coupon.
Fang provides a reliable and comprehensive account of the barefoot doctor movement and its significant impact on the contestation between Chinese and Western medicine, the evolution of rural China's health-care system, and the formation of a new professional group.
For the second time that day, I fell to my knees, but this time I was not asking a heartless barefoot doctor for help.
They agreed to try out a few relaxation techniques recommended by alternative therapist, The Barefoot Doctor.
My model friend loves Barefoot Doctor Sweet Feet Barefoot Balm, pounds 4.
MAKE sure your man is well-groomed with fragrance and body products from Barefoot Doctor.
Barefoot Doctor has just introduced a new range, designed to make you feel and look sexy.
In the UK, the Barefoot Doctor has won a devoted following through his newspaper articles and Boots is bringing his quirky, holistic personal care collection to the masses.
The financial source of the barefoot doctor system of health care ended with the disappearance of the production brigade level, at which social and welfare amenities were usually funded and managed.
The local health care worker, previously called a barefoot doctor, and her small but tidy clinic tend to the basic needs of the villagers.