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By the 1760s, when John Singleton Copley famously painted Paul Revere in his shirtsleeves and Nicholas Boylston bareheaded wearing a loose dressing gown known as a banyan, "the options for representations of male power and status seemed to be expanding.
Kim Jong-un walked bareheaded beside the hearse but Jong-il's two other sons, Kim Jong-nam and Kim Jong-chol, were nowhere to be seen.
Sobs and wails filled the air as mourners in the front rows, bareheaded in the cold and snow, stamped their feet and cried as the hearse passed by.
But stop any bareheaded Jew on a Tel Aviv beach and ask them if there's religious coercion in their country, and the knee-jerk response will be yes.
On TV they looked ridiculous with their conspicuous helmets when they were surrounded by bareheaded fighters.
Another time he told me he could study a blatt Gemara bareheaded.
Of the school's female students - 53 percent of the enrollment - some wear head scarves, but most are bareheaded and jeans-clad, in outfits that would fit comfortably on any trendy southern California campus.
The sound of the bells evokes in Martha the memory of a Jewish wedding: "The preacher of the Reform congregation, in a gown and bareheaded, spoke of Goethe and Schiller, and Schopenhauer and Kant" (46).
52) Most importantly, the men wore yarmulkes in clear view of the television cameras at a time when many Orthodox Jews still appeared bareheaded in public.
I saw myself bareheaded at the rail as the ship glided again into Honolulu Harbor, a crusader ready to plunge my spear of words into the hearts of those who'd replaced her government with one of their own .
Sophie stood bareheaded in her morning chemise, a sieve clasped in her upraised hand.
Simon Hanabe is bareheaded and we can see a lot of gray hair.