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I have been to other lands, discovered a new race of humans within Pellucidar, seen the Mahars at their worship in their hidden temple, and barely escaped with my life from them and from a great labyrinthodon that I met afterward, following my long and tedious wanderings across an unknown world.
The excitement of the last few strokes was barely over before they sprang upon the beach and were surrounded by a little crowd, on the outskirts of whom was Oom Sam.
In order to comply with an EU ruling on abuse of dominance Google created a system to treat all comparison-shopping sites equally by enabling them to bid for product-ad slots, however competitors, like Compare Group and Kelkoo Group, have said the system barely improved matters, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing comparison-shopping service rivals.
Because we use absolutely no preservatives, the benefit of freezing our 100 percent grain-free bread is the ability to prolong its shelf life and allow consumers the opportunity to enjoy it as they please, all while knowing they are getting a "clean' product they can feel good about, without any additives," says Amanda Orso, founder of New York-based Barely Bread, who adds that because the product line, made with alternative flour sources such as almond, coconut and sweet potato, "both freezes and thaws extremely well, it allows consumers the opportunity to enjoy our products at the pace that works for them and their families.
ISLAMABAD -- The strain in Indo-Pak ties was sharply evident Thursday as Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh barely shook hands at SAARC conference.
Polychem powder coatings has launched its Barely There Collection.
We might get up to about 21C, but that is just barely average.
The Sun will undergo a borderline annular/total eclipse on November 3rd: barely annular after sunrise over the western Atlantic, then barely total for the rest of the way, including across equatorial Africa to sunset.
Stock markets soared, the Greeks got a shedload of extra cash and Frau Merkel and M Sarkozy could barely conceal their smug grins.
KYLIE'S SPOT ON WERE she on the plains of the Serengeti in Africa, Kylie Minogue would barely warrant a bag don't provide much camouflage, so she certainly stands out.
Barely Exposed suggests that this boldness might also be part and parcel of a classic false bravado, and if there are any doubts that our young citizens of tomorrow are not tuned in, this book goes a long way toward dispelling that assumption.
IT MAY be our leading democratic institution but the National Assembly for Wales barely makes the top 50 results when typing "Wales" into Google.