barely acceptable

See: marginal
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The group's chief Tanya Ward said the D+ grade represents a barely acceptable performance with little or no positive impact on youngsters.
I slogged through school with grades barely acceptable.
The World Bank has lowered its forecast for Iranian economic growth this year from a barely acceptable 2.
A title requires much thought, and often it is only barely acceptable.
Regardless, 80minutes is just barely acceptable and we were disappointed.
At mass retailing enterprises across the land, merchants are emerging as the driving force behind sales and promotional initiatives--while frequently making the difference between results that are barely acceptable and performance that is outstanding.
And yet, Eickhout stressed, it is the barely acceptable "minimum minimorum".
To some extent the industry created this impression themselves as early adaptations were barely acceptable.
That habit, and missing a hatful of chances against a taciturn Bolton side which it is difficult enough to get behind anyway, was set to yield an awful result, until Beckford's contribution turned it into a barely acceptable one.
If a draw against the United States was barely acceptable, only a win over Algeria will do for an England squad that is expected to progress from Group C.
The ILS that came up next was an improvement, and the last VOR approach of the night was downright barely acceptable.