barely acceptable

See: marginal
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To some extent the industry created this impression themselves as early adaptations were barely acceptable.
That habit, and missing a hatful of chances against a taciturn Bolton side which it is difficult enough to get behind anyway, was set to yield an awful result, until Beckford's contribution turned it into a barely acceptable one.
If a draw against the United States was barely acceptable, only a win over Algeria will do for an England squad that is expected to progress from Group C.
As for me, I finally got the results of my vitamin D test: My level was 34--just barely acceptable, but at least in the ballpark.
Further, it is barely acceptable at the present time, given the accessibility of genealogical data, especially (once again) on the World Wide Web, to state simply and without elaboration, 'Walker mentions two fiddlers in Kilmarnock in addition to McCrone: Andrew Templeton and Lawrence Ritchie', or 'Robert Smith of Lossiemouth was born in Ardach in Nairnshire and died around the late 1880s' (both examples on p.
The way he said it sounded as though he thought dark blue was barely acceptable and tan would be downright edgy.
The sound quality of the model was described as barely acceptable.
The repeatability (within-laboratory precision) for this method is 12%, which is barely acceptable, but the reproducibility (between-laboratory precision) is a disappointing 70%.
What could have been a barely acceptable third for the Frome Flyer with championship ambitions was a disastrous seventh place and a meagre two points.
So she chopped off the hippy locks and is now rarely out of Max Wall-style lycra leggings, barely acceptable even in aerobics classes.
It's barely acceptable to lose out to France in this group but there's no way we should be behind the Swiss.