barely passable

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With a built-in light and laser activated by an external switch, the Curve also offers a chamber-loaded indicator doubling as a barely passable trench sight.
In Hama, all roads are open except the road of Ein al-Kroum-al-Qarandah-Jourin-Slunfa and the road of Shathat Joubat Burghal which are barely passable due to the icy conditions.
Teachers have no housing, so they commute together about 90 minutes each morning on barely passable dirt roads.
In Jeddah's Faysaliah District off of Rawdah Road entire neighborhoods have streets barely passable with potholes and bumps.
Below: Shenley Fields Road in Northfield was barely passable
However, when it came time for survey respondents to rate themselves based on the five core skills, their current performance was barely passable, adding up to only 65 percent.
Thanks to their continuous AWD, three-axis chassis, reinforced frame and running gear, these vehicles can easily operate in barely passable regions.
As a result, narrow lanes barely passable for a car weave in every direction between traditional mud brick buildings which can be up to 6 storeys high.
He's a class act which can't be said about Kyle He s c Lafferty as he's barely passable as a footballer.
The access road leading to the Spire Hospital is barely passable but this has only been made possible by the passing traffic, no sign of any council gritters.
Why do we think the only alternative to pounds 40 a head, is being short-changed with barely passable rubbish?
He said he came to the United States at age 18 with $50 in his pocket and barely passable English.