barely seen

References in classic literature ?
During his present short stay, Emma had barely seen him; but just enough to feel that the first meeting was over, and to give her the impression of his not being improved by the mixture of pique and pretension, now spread over his air.
Far Tamalpais, barely seen in the silver haze, bulked hugely by the Golden Gate, the latter a pale gold pathway under the westering sun.
This is an amazing opportunity for the public to get given this chance, not to forget the 3 months paid training which will be provided to the selected talents by the International TV channel, an opportunity which is barely seen in the region.
BIMCO was surprised by the barely seen seasonality in tanker shipping where freight rates peak during the colder months in the Northern Hemisphere - from November to January.
Bishkek mayor Albek Ibraimov fought back criticism that he was barely seen during the Bishkek CHPP breakdown.
Meesha Shafi was barely seen in the video with only her shadow falling on white curtains - we almost missed her
His head was slightly down, his gloomy face barely seen as he wore a black cap tilted downward.
GROWING UP IN RURAL Autauga County, Alabama, William Sims had barely seen an airplane, let alone flown in one.
LIONEL AINSWORTH 3 Anonymous and barely seen as an attacking force down right-hand side.
5million seafront home in Brighton but it was reported last night that they have barely seen each other in the last eight weeks.
Having barely seen any of the ball, Port Vale's task wasn't made any easier when Lines needlessly clashed with Alli.
He added: "The Government has talked about a housebuilding revolution but, four years in, we've barely seen evolution.