barely seen

References in classic literature ?
During his present short stay, Emma had barely seen him; but just enough to feel that the first meeting was over, and to give her the impression of his not being improved by the mixture of pique and pretension, now spread over his air.
This marks a year of this target being consistently missed, a year in which we've barely seen any improvements to waiting times being made.
Some has been widely distributed and recognized; some has barely seen the light of day.
5million seafront home in Brighton but it was reported last night that they have barely seen each other in the last eight weeks.
Having barely seen any of the ball, Port Vale's task wasn't made any easier when Lines needlessly clashed with Alli.
And speaking at a special screening of his debut episode on Saturday, Peter said: "I have barely seen my wife and daughter.
He added: "The Government has talked about a housebuilding revolution but, four years in, we've barely seen evolution.
His sisters wouldn't have been able to visit except at weekends, and would have barely seen me.
His sisters wouldn't have been able to visit except at weekends and they would have barely seen me.
Weighing 6 lbs and 7 oz, the baby was barely seen when Cowell carried him bundled in blankets inside a charcoal seat.
Unlike countries in South East Asia, which have seen almost all their inflows leave, India has barely seen USD3bn of outflow and that too is predominantly over the past two weeks.
Indeed many people in middle and low income jobs have barely seen any improvement in their incomes over the past 30 years.