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Being a long-suffering Blues fan, it's something Malcolm doesn't get shirty about, though, and he has a ready riposte for pals of a claret-and-blue persuasion who constantly remind him of the bareness of Birmingham City's trophy cabinet.
He describes "a bareness, [a] frigidity" to his hotel room that cannot be attributed to its cleanliness (155).
None of the poverty and toil that characterized the daily life of American slaves, none of the bareness that contributed so powerfully to the historical sexualization of black bodies, was immediately apparent in the slave market," writes Johnson.
According to Cole, ``That one-piece black suit with mesh insets caused such a sensation, yet it only gave the illusion of bareness.
She was very in your face, which could be intimidating, but this bareness just makes her look as if she just isn't bothering about herself.
In the reflection that she forces upon the reader, in her Hopper-like bareness and loneliness, in her revolt against nothingness, Mazza gives a handshake to modernism.
Connections between its three Gulf-derived offerings and three from Scotland were not entirely clear, but musically one appreciated Beamish's transparency of texture and the aching bareness of the concluding bars.
That bareness looked like a strip of torn skin in the wooded and desolate landscape.
Also the short poem "Forty Something," for all its plain-spokeness and bareness, is chilling and exact.
Although Katsura doesn't do '50s ballerina gowns and rosettes, her collection does have the bareness everybody's talking about, whether it's a slit up the thigh of a silvery sheath, or a low-cut empire-waisted peasant dress with embroidered flowers.
But look closely and you can see the sanitized bareness of the 1965 scene lacks the vivid splendour found in the 19th-century photograph.
What really separates these dresses from their predecessors is their bareness.