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She was very in your face, which could be intimidating, but this bareness just makes her look as if she just isn't bothering about herself."
Before the curtains of history lifted, one feels the world was like this -- this Celtic bareness and sombreness and air" (90).
In the reflection that she forces upon the reader, in her Hopper-like bareness and loneliness, in her revolt against nothingness, Mazza gives a handshake to modernism.
Who I was when I came here and who I had thought I would become-- ghost twins in the room, stapling me to the ground, bibled to the bareness and the sound of ringing ("Packing") One of the reasons I was attracted to your poetry was its willingness to enter into the idea of self with, could we call it negative capability?
Hence some of the bareness has been disguised but large areas are ready to prepare for the winter digging and the soon to be planted green manures.
They still deliver rhythmic stompers like Dancing On Our Graves but the core of their sound - what some pundits in the music Press insist on calling indie-folk - is an uncluttered folk/blues/country hybrid with a bareness that smacks of isolation.
A central tall obelisk with a few trees would much improve the bareness of the large civic space.
He has to relieve himself and is terrified that some creature--jaguar, snake, spider--will take advantage of his great heaving bareness.
He's as black as the ace of spades all over - except for his right foreleg which has been rubbed down to brass bareness.
Here are the opening lines of a well-known poem by Williams from 1938: These are the desolate, dark weeks when nature in its bareness equals the stupidity of man.
Connections between its three Gulf-derived offerings and three from Scotland were not entirely clear, but musically one appreciated Beamish's transparency of texture and the aching bareness of the concluding bars.
classical bareness of cold and truth while eating the suckling pig and