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Indeed, Donin was something of a big man on campus, Carol Barer says.
Cai YN, Barer, GR (1989) Effect of ligustrazine on pulmonary vascular changes induced by chronic hypoxia in rats.
Arriving home to a bare cupboard and even barer fridge, my boyfriend and I had the choice of spending the evening in Tesco's or going out for dinner.
These absorbed the bed capacity freed up by the declining use rates among the general population (Hertzman, Pulcins, Barer, et al.
One common problem with privacy policies is that "companies stick the privacy policy on their Web site and then never look at it again," says Jim Dunstan, a partner with the law firm of Garvey, Schubert & Barer.
Barer for his many contributions knowing that he has laid a solid foundation to help ensure the success of our new and very talented Chairman Dr.
Garvey Schubert Barer is a full-service law firm with offices in Seattle, Portland, Anchorage, Washington, D.
Add to the mix the potentially fragile fitness of pacemen Stuart Clark and Brett Lee, who have enjoyed success against England but who have both spent much of the last year on the treatment table, and it might appear the cupboard is barer than it has been in some years.
Unpaid workers fulfilling court requirements, under the watchful eye of experienced firefighters, can create breaks and cleanup hazards so certain areas of grassland are cordoned off by barer ground.
I'll have a look with my head groundsman and we may cover one or two of the barer areas.
JG Wentworth, Navigant, Janus, Garvey, Shubert, Barer, and HMS.
The Examiner reported that Acre Street/Lidget Street looked a lot barer but a lot safer after council "lumberjacks" had dealt with trees left unsafe after the gale.