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This leads to minimal time required for servicing, thereby cutting down time to the barest minimum.
The mum of three wore a baggy black cardigan and only the barest amount of make-up.
"Surely," the letter asserts, "even the barest effort could secure clergy from one of these traditions more than once or twice per year."
nuclear watchdog about its plans to build 10 new uranium enrichment sites beyond the barest minimum required under the International Non Proliferation Treaty.
Hayek received a lifetime achievement award, as did Lucy Liu who attended the event wearing a sexy beige number printed with the barest traces of feathers.
Analysts said that banks need to employ techniques that can reduce risks to the barest minimum.
But the brave Kiwis went down fighting, Nathan McCullum (10 not out) hitting a six off the last ball to ensure his team went down by the barest of margins.
We grew this award-winning hybrid at our Menlo Park, California, campus--in our cool coastal region, it grew thick, fleshy walls with just the barest hint of heat.
Police appealed for "the barest scrap" of information.
"The Boat": We slip through the darkness, feeling in the boat's rocking/the heaviness of water, under us, around us;//a halo of light in the west, the barest of moons,/ the least moon possible.//Docks already gone to darkness, houses barely visible, but the lives lived there stand in clear panes of light.//We are four friends, two marriages, taking a turn/on the lake.
It might be worthwhile to note that Our Town (1938) was not the first "vehicle Wilder used to eliminate the obtrusive bric-a-brac of scenery and props" and "synthesize life to its barest elements" ("Welcome Back to Grover's Corners," May/June '08).
Characteristically but again unsurprisingly, he makes not the barest nod to the undeniable fact that much of the economic and political "inequality" that he deplores is directly traceable to the breakdown of the family, a breakdown that in turn is traceable to the very welfare programs that he apparently wishes to justify.--James Hitchcock, St.