bargain with

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References in classic literature ?
"I wish Rose would drive a bargain with Will and Geordie also, for I think these books are as bad for the small boys as cigars for the large ones," said Mrs.
Wilt thou close a bargain with me and take six marks for thine outfit?"
We lead a merry life, and no one leads a merry life for a farthing, so I will close the bargain with thee.
These gentlemen would do well to reflect that a treaty is only another name for a bargain, and that it would be impossible to find a nation who would make any bargain with us, which should be binding on them ABSOLUTELY, but on us only so long and so far as we may think proper to be bound by it.
He also mentioned that the NAB authorities had already accepted the plea bargain with the accused persons after declining their offers twice earlier since they did not agree to the terms.
She says it is important to ensure that bargaining doesn't become exploitative: "We should not bargain with poor shopkeepers who, we can make out easily, are earning a meagre livelihood through their business.
Most come from groups of primary producers or other small businesses wanting to collectively bargain with a larger business; for example, farmers wanting to bargain with the company who buys their produce.
The court underscores that a work transfer is a mandatory subject of bargaining, so Local 631 was obligated to bargain with Aggregate Industries, whose proposal was the subject of negotiating overtures spanning several months.
Sharmila Farooqui and two other accused Usman Farooqui and Mrs Arsha had entered into plea bargain with the bureau in 1999.
Duty-to-bargain laws in particular give unions considerable power in the collective-bargaining process, because they make it illegal for a district to refuse to bargain with a union, and because most of them require state arbitration if the two sides reach an impasse.
In-house counsel with businesses that have union-represented employees have found that the company's operational flexibility is sometimes impaired by the duty to bargain with the union over various workplace issues.
(28) In Wagner Act models, employers will be required to recognise and bargain with the representative of their workers where those workers are able to prove majority support for bargaining exists at the particular enterprise or in a bargaining unit.