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A reciprocal understanding, contract, or agreement of any sort usually pertaining to the loan, sale, or exchange of property between two parties, one of whom wants to dispose of an item that the other wants to obtain. To work out the terms of an agreement; to negotiate in Good Faith for the purpose of entering into an agreement.

A union engages in Collective Bargaining on proposed contract terms.


n. 1) a mutual agreement or contract between two parties which is voluntary and involves the exchange of consideration (money, goods, services, or a promise for a promise). 2) a supposed good deal. (See: agreement, contract, consideration)


noun accord, accordance, agreement, collective agreement, compact, compromise, concord, concordance, concordat, contract, convention, covenant, mutual agreement, mutual pledge, mutual understanddng, mutual undertaking, pact, pactio, settlement, stipulation, treaty, understanding
Associated concepts: arm's-length bargain, bargain and sale deed, bargain and sale in a conveyance, bargain collectively, bargain in good faith, bargain in restraint of trade, bargaining agent, bargaining unit, benefit of the bargain rule, collective bargaining, collective bargaining agreement
See also: adjustment, agree, agreement, barter, close, compact, compromise, contract, deal, dicker, discount, exchange, haggle, negotiate, pact, provision, settlement, stipulate, stipulation, term, trade, treaty

GRANT, BARGAIN, AND SELL. - By the laws of the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Missouri, and Alabama, it is declared that the words grant, bargain, and sell) shall amount to a covenant that the grantor was seised of an estate in fee, freed from encumbrances done or suffered by him, and for quiet enjoyment as against all his acts. These words do not amount to a general warranty, but merely to a covenant that the grantor has not done any acts nor created any, encumbrance, by which the estate may be defeated. 2 Binn. R. 95 3 Penna. R. 313; 3 Penna., R. 317, note; 1 Rawle, 377; 1 Misso. 576. Vide 2 Caines R. 188; 1 Murph. R. 343; Id. 348; Ark. Rev. Stat, ch. 31, s. 1; 11 S. & R. 109.

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But inevitable comparisons with "The Best of Youth"--also about two brothers of disparate political convictions--fall short precisely because the writers have bargained away political incisiveness for likeable characters.
In coming to a consensus for the coalition, Merkel bargained away key campaign pledges such as limiting union power in regional wage negotiations and accepted a Social Democrat demand for a "rich tax" on top earners.
Since 1990, say Sandinista critics, FSLN leaders have bargained away party principles to protect their personal property (see Chronicle, 1995-11-02, EcoCentral, 1997-03-13).
What happens when a substantial minority of citizens, whose desire for a crime-free existence is no less strong than that of the majority, has its interests bargained away as just a little "tradeoff"?
Only a few types of employees can be excluded, including (1) employees normally working less than 20 hours a week, (2) collective bargaining employees (if they have bargained away the right), and (3) students working where they attend classes.
London governments - both Labour and Tory - bargained away Scotland's fishing rights back in the 1970s.
Of course, human rights are sadly and routinely bargained away in bilateral relations, especially the rights of people from powerful countries.
We are confident the Government understands our concerns but I am worried by what might be bargained away in exhausting late night negotiations,' said Mr Jones.