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A reciprocal understanding, contract, or agreement of any sort usually pertaining to the loan, sale, or exchange of property between two parties, one of whom wants to dispose of an item that the other wants to obtain. To work out the terms of an agreement; to negotiate in Good Faith for the purpose of entering into an agreement.

A union engages in Collective Bargaining on proposed contract terms.


n. 1) a mutual agreement or contract between two parties which is voluntary and involves the exchange of consideration (money, goods, services, or a promise for a promise). 2) a supposed good deal. (See: agreement, contract, consideration)


noun accord, accordance, agreement, collective agreement, compact, compromise, concord, concordance, concordat, contract, convention, covenant, mutual agreement, mutual pledge, mutual understanddng, mutual undertaking, pact, pactio, settlement, stipulation, treaty, understanding
Associated concepts: arm's-length bargain, bargain and sale deed, bargain and sale in a conveyance, bargain collectively, bargain in good faith, bargain in restraint of trade, bargaining agent, bargaining unit, benefit of the bargain rule, collective bargaining, collective bargaining agreement
See also: adjustment, agree, agreement, barter, close, compact, compromise, contract, deal, dicker, discount, exchange, haggle, negotiate, pact, provision, settlement, stipulate, stipulation, term, trade, treaty

GRANT, BARGAIN, AND SELL. - By the laws of the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Missouri, and Alabama, it is declared that the words grant, bargain, and sell) shall amount to a covenant that the grantor was seised of an estate in fee, freed from encumbrances done or suffered by him, and for quiet enjoyment as against all his acts. These words do not amount to a general warranty, but merely to a covenant that the grantor has not done any acts nor created any, encumbrance, by which the estate may be defeated. 2 Binn. R. 95 3 Penna. R. 313; 3 Penna., R. 317, note; 1 Rawle, 377; 1 Misso. 576. Vide 2 Caines R. 188; 1 Murph. R. 343; Id. 348; Ark. Rev. Stat, ch. 31, s. 1; 11 S. & R. 109.

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University bargainers "are sitting at a bargaining table with a labor union and they're trying to call us students and not workers.
Now I must say at the outset that despite having lived a number of years in Asia, I am no bargainer.
But a net bargainer took half an hour to get me the shoes for 100 yuan," Huan stated.
Other libertarians, including many Bargainers, never even went through a period of expecting anything from the Bush White House.
Although the Iranians are professional and diligent bargainers on the regional issues, they never act irrationally, he added.
It became apparent wage inflation had emerged as a worry for the Monetary Policy Committee, which was therefore keen to send a signal to wage bargainers that it was determined to head off the inflation risks generated by last year's surge in commodity prices.
Farber and Katz (1979) studied bargainer incentives under conventional arbitration and show that uncertainty about the arbitrator's notion of a fair settlement is a key variable that increases the bargainers' contract zone (i.
The intent of interest arbitration is not to have arbitrators impose settlements on the bargainers but rather to encourage negotiation by the parties.
You just can't get cosy with BMW because they are tough, hard bargainers, which is why they're so successful.
House-Senate bargainers bowed to a White House veto threat and upheld the four-decade old ban on most travel to Cuba, reports AP (Nov.
It costs upwards of $5,000 to be heard, though there apparently are discounts for famous people or for hard bargainers.
And the best bargainers will win big prizes with a really special prize for the region's top haggler.