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It is disappointing that the Correctional Bargaining Unit has rejected the tentative extension agreement recently negotiated with the province.
In this study, we present the first evidence on how laws that support teacher collective bargaining affect students' employment and earnings in adulthood.
The purpose of effects bargaining is for the union to "discuss with the employer how the impact of the sale on the employees can be ameliorated.
There is a logical argument for targeted bargaining prohibitions, which goes like this: When an education policy issue is determined through collective bargaining, the public is shut out of the policy-making process.
We will be discussing each bargaining type at the Labor Retreat in Chico from April 21--April 23, 2013.
The primary object of collective bargaining is the determination of terms and conditions of employment through negotiations and process of give-and-take.
The terms of the PPA and the manner in which NTSP utilized this agreement hindered the ability of payers to assemble a marketable physician network in the area without submitting to the collective bargaining systems set up by NTSP.
If you don't know the people you truly don't know the sides," says Betty Riback, San Lorenzo Education Association's bargaining chair and a 26-year teaching veteran in the district.
Sentencing Commission study in 1990 finding that 25 percent of whites get their sentences reduced through bargaining, compared to 18 percent of blacks and 12 percent of Latinos.
The use of bargaining saved the Navy $25,000 and was worth the amount, in kind, to the shipyard.
The first part is a careful, detailed explanation of how and why plea bargaining exploded in Middlesex County, Massachusetts in the nineteenth century.
Prior to the Employment Contracts Act (ECA) in 1991, collective bargaining was predominant across the workforce.