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BARGEMEN. Persons who own and keep a barge for the purpose of carrying the goods of all. such other persons who may desire to employ them. They are liable as common, carriers. Story, Bailm. 496.

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This market contradicts Bargeman and Van der Pool's (2006) statement that festinos spend a lot of time and go through a great deal of trouble before they arrive at a festival.
I cannot locate the pub which used to stand on the very brink of the waterway, where the towpath went straight through the public bar for the convenience of the bargeman, with an ingenious detour for horse and towrope; but I think I see Stoke Bruerne, nowadays a rendezvous of inland voyagers, bristling with cruising motorboats.
We were very pleased that Molly Holly and Spike Dudley took time from their busy schedules to read to the children today," said Gregory Bargeman, Branch Librarian at the Capitol View Neighborhood Library.
Notorious Inglorious THERE was a tavern in Newcastle It's long gone now of course Somewhere in the Groat Market And called the Flying Horse Its clientele notorious Eccentrics through and through Built up a reputation As a fairly motley crew Tunefully each night they're led By a fiddler called Blind Willy Hard drinking and rumbustious And his good friend named Dumb Billy There's Knack Kneed Mac and Cuckoo Jack He would fair give one a shiver As a bargeman earns commission Pulling corpses from the river How Jackie quick up on the bridge Some gadgie's fallen doon Hadaway a get more for a deed un Came his reply Bring salaries at BBC into the open THE BBC's top broadcasters are said to be paid enormous salaries secretly.
Thunder wouldn't lie down though and Colby Bargeman was instrumental in closing the gap to seven (82-75) heading into the final quarter.
The Thunder were hampered from the start as US import Jonathan Woods was missing, having returned to the States on a family matter, and fellow countryman Colby Bargeman was clearly playing with an injury which hindered him throughout.
Des, now 83, was a gunner in the Navy aboard HMS Warspite, then a bargeman on the Tees earning pounds 4.
4million house in Bargeman, a 30-minute drive from St Tropez.
For instance, according to the white bargeman who finds Chicken Little's body, black people are simply "animals, fit for nothing but substitutes for mules, only mules didn't kill each other the way niggers did" (63).
Former Alemany quarterback Sean Casey, 27, is a good recruiter; among the players on his team are former Granada Hills All-City receiver Greg Fowble, former San Fernando quarterback Dwayne Callaway and former Alemany receivers Travis Bargeman and Anthony Fullerton.
She was born Claire Jane Brown in 1971, the daughter of former bargeman and scaffolder Albert Brown.