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BARGEMEN. Persons who own and keep a barge for the purpose of carrying the goods of all. such other persons who may desire to employ them. They are liable as common, carriers. Story, Bailm. 496.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This illustrated oral memoir details a bygone era on the River Ouse in Yorkshire, offering the recollections of bargeman Laurie Dews of Selby, the last generation of a family of bargemen on the Yorkshire Ouse.
You might also remember he played a bargeman in the 1988 TV sitcom The River.
She gives her necklace to the little daughter of a bargeman. Skrebensky gave her "a sense of the vast world, a sense of distances and large masses of humanity" (p.
common bargeman, hoyman or other common water carrier, the common
Fisher reacquaints us with the characters we met in An Unexpected Journey - Gandolf, Bilbo Baggins and the 13 Dwarfs and introduces us to new ones - Beorn, the Skin Changer, Bard The Bargeman and the return of the Woodland Elves with King Thranduil and his son, Legolas.
Bard (Luke Evans), a bargeman, ferries Bilbo and the Dwarves to corrupt Laketown, in the shadow of Erebor.
They include John Wilson, known as Cuckoo Jack, who worked as a bargeman on the River Tyne.
222) these authors say that limited decision-making, for example, when the visitor plans variations to regular travel behaviour such as taking a new route or engaging in a new activity at a familiar festival, requires somewhat more time and effort; Bargeman and Van der Poel (2006, p.
As his pole dredged the murky waters, the bargeman was surprised to notice a small light shape bob up to the surface of the Thames.
Roberts, a bargeman, accounts for four of the six sound recordings currently listed in the Roud Folksong Index (Figure l).
Moreover, several of the acquittances indicate that the tradesmen who worked on the project were hired by Street who served as overseer for all phases of the project; for instance, William Shepherd, bricklayer, and Richard Deller, bargeman, were both paid "at the appointment of Peter Street." And if the schedule of payments in the annotations is at all accurate, despite a few delays, the work on the Fortune ticked along fairly regularly.